Mushroom grower

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In 2002, we, Léonore Folmer and Charles Veenstra with our two sons respectively Tidde and Daan of 3 years and 4 years then, we emigrated to the Cevennes mountains in the South of France 
Our daughter Zindzi preferred to stay in Holland for her study.

At the first sight we felt in love with "Mas la Devèze". 
So we said goodby to our jobs in Rotterdam and decided to work full-time in biological agriculture.

Our produce consist of Shiitake, mushrooms, raspberries and other small fruits.
We also have a flock of  sheep (Clun Forest) and two actif Border Collies and two ponys.

Besides we working on the property and this magnific hamlet, which has been built off the year 1789. 
The boys are going to school in St. Privat de Vallongue, a little village some mountains further, meanwhile they are much better speaking French as their parents...


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