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Our English Clun Forest sheep is a robust breed well adapted to the mountainous landscape with its changeable weather and meagre pastures. A handsome animal with her black head held high, the Clun Forest was originally a moor breed but it has since evolved to give both good wool and succulent meat.

Lambing is between April and June. 

Shearing is in May or June and the gîte is open then if you want to come and help card and spin the wool (using our carding machine and spinning wheel). The result is ready for you to take away and use.


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At the beginning of the summer, the shepherds—as they have done for thousands of years—bring their sheep up from the lowlands where they have wintered to the rich highland pastures, along trails that lead through the valleys and over the ridges. 
This is the Transhumance, for which the sheep are richly decorated; many of the villages along the route organise their annual party to coincide with this colourful tradition. And at the end of the summer, it is back down again in the same way.



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