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Border Collies


Border Collies Mas la Devèze border collie,  puppy breeding and dog training 

Border Collies

Shepherding our herd is never dull with our two Border Collies, Drift and Zorro (from the breede:  ' Nice of You to Come Bye ‘

Of all dogs, the Border Collie is the hardest worker. Fast, brave and indefatigable, he has what shepherds call "the eye": the ability to fix any errant sheep with a stare and hypnotise her.

brebis borderThe Border Collie has kept more of the characteristics of the progenitor of all canines, the wolf—clubs welcome to see this worker par excellence in action—and, if your dogs are experienced, bring them to work alongside.
 It is not like with other dogs and their docile sheep—Clun Forests have the wanderlust when they are in their mountains and it is up to Drift and Zorro to bring them back into line. A big kennel is available next to the gîte.


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